Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Support for Proove and Nexa devices, and Verkkokauppa.com as a new retail partner

We are announcing support for wireless devices from Proove and Nexa. The list of new supported hardware includes devices such as inexpensive outlets, temperature sensors, motion sensors and remote controls. Here is a summary of the new devices and a few examples of fun and interesting applications. The devices and the Cozify Hub are now available for purchase at Verkkokauppa.com.

Proove and Nexa have had smart home devices on the market for several years. They are often controlled by wireless remote controls, but they are equally compatible with other smart devices as part of a smart home controlled by Cozify Hub. By combining the functions and features offered by different devices, you are able to elevate your life to a new level of comfort and security.

A few examples of new applications

  • Remote controls and wireless wall switches can be used to conveniently access lighting and music to suit different moods and different times of the day.
  • The lights in the shower turn red when the relative humidity of the air exceeds 90%. The smart lights signal that it’s time to finish – a good function for a family where teenagers seem to lose track of time when taking a shower.
  • Cigar aficionados no longer need to guess the relative humidity of the air in their humidor, and wine enthusiasts are always aware of the temperature in their wine cabinet. A thermo/hygro sensor sends a notification to your mobile phone if the temperature or the relative humidity of the air rises above or falls below your predetermined limit.
  • A swimming pool thermometer can also be placed at the end of the jetty in a lake, allowing you to check the water temperature even before you drive to your summer cottage.
  • A thermometer and a fan heater connected to a socket are the perfect combination for heating your greenhouse in the autumn. Using one simple rule, Cozify will ensure that the temperature stays at 15 °C or above, leaving your tomatoes unharmed by any night frosts.
  • Your car can be warmed up in the morning by using a remote-controlled outlet, in accordance with your weekday morning schedule and the temperature.
A few words on technology

Devices that use 433 MHz radio are usually cheaper than ZigBee or Z-Wave devices, for example. The lower prices are due to the devices’ economical design and simple technology. Communication is one-way and unencrypted, which is why the equipment cannot be recommended for critical applications, such as locking. On the other hand, the equipment works smoothly and without delay in good conditions.

My experiences of Proove devices connected to Cozify Hub are very positive. Motion sensors, daylight sensors and door sensors have worked smoothly with Nyce Zigbee sensors and Osram Lightify bulbs and lights. The Hub makes it easy to set up the devices and the connection covers the entire house, through several structures, even reaching outside. The range can be expanded even further with “range extenders”, but in my case they have not been necessary. 

What’s next?

Proove devices are already supported by Cozify Hub today. Nexa devices are very similar to Proove devices, and we will extend our support to cover Nexa equipment in the next few days. Our support for Nexa also means the introduction of new device categories, such as a daylight sensor, wall switch and doorbell.

Once we have released support for Nexa, we will turn our focus to adding support for devices such as IP cameras. We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas on new devices to support. Join the discussion on new devices on the Cozify discussion forum.

Where can I buy these new devices?

Our support for 433 MHz equipment is based on our newly launched cooperation with Verkkokauppa.com. The smart devices they sell include Cozify Hub as well as Proove and Nexa products. Check also our own web store http://en.cozify.fi/pages/shop.

Wishing you a cozy autumn,

Kimmo / Cozify

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