Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Five Reasons to Consider Home Automation

Some have long been awaiting it with anticipation, while others are starting only now to become aware. Homes will be smarter in the future, that is for certain. Today, we’ve listed five great reasons to consider home automation.

1. Ease of life

Well-implemented home automation makes ordinary life easier and cozier. It “thinks” about your home so you don’t need to as much. Automation frees the hands and minds of your family. It connects, adjusts, switches on and off, alarms, reports, identifies, remembers and learns.

2. Remote use has many advantages

Remote use saves time and effort. Remote controlled electric locks can be used to open the door for your elementary schooler who forgot the keys at home. A surveillance camera can follow how pets are getting along during the workday. A loaded coffee maker can be switched on on your way home, and switched off if you forgot while leaving the house in the morning. Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop brings your home into reach wherever you are.

3. Smart devices increase home safety

The home is a precious place but nonetheless one wants to enjoy it and also be away without excessive worry.  Newly available intelligent fire, smoke, burglary, motion, and moisture sensors can follow your home continuously. Integrated services communicate the status of your home to all family members over smart phones and, in case of emergency, direct calls to emergency services.  And of course, there is the age-old preventative of simply having the sticker on your door indicating a security system has been installed.

4. Optimizing house climate control saves money

Combining intelligence with temperature, ventilation, and window treatment control saves money. For example, heating and air conditioning can be adjusted automatically based on the outdoor and indoor temperature, the number of people inside the house, and their location. Window blinds or shades can be opened or closed to let sun in or reflect it out depending on the situation.  The automated home uses less energy without fuss, and moreover it can collect energy usage data for making informed decisions on areas to upgrade and improve.
Five reasons to consider home automation, smart lighting, creative home automation ideas

5. The smart home entertains and allows creativity

Multimedia entertainment, whether from your own collection or provided by internet services, is available all around the smart house. Adjustable lighting, and wireless speakers and video monitors bring perfect mood to different spaces and occasions.

Home automation even makes crazy things possible. How about turning the lights blue, red, or yellow when the home team scores in a hockey game? Or could a birthday boy’s room be turned into a pirate ship with booming cannons and fires flickering in the background? The only limit is your imagination. All family members can control the home and enjoy the results whether for purposes of mood, hilarity, or simply being different.

We are working with eagerness and dedication to realize all of the above reasons to add smart automation to every home. To follow us, subscribe to our newsletter here.

-Sanna Mari-
Sanna Mari Alppivuori from the Cozify-team focuses on marketing and customer relations

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