Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why did we choose lighting?

When we were deciding which area to focus on for our initial home automation product, we had several options. Although home automation can get very technical, we wanted to be sure every family member would to be able to use the system with smiles on their faces.

Before starting technical implementation we wanted to choose a domain where the objects are clear and easy to work with. Some areas we considered were efficiency and energy savings (remote controlled power outlets, heating and air conditioning monitoring and adjustment), safety and security (motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and electronic locks), and atmosphere and mood (wireless multiroom speakers, interactive entertainment systems). However all these seemed either too simple or too complex for the first product implementation.
Why did we choose lighting?
In the end, we decided on lighting:
  • Lighting plays a central role in every home in all three of the above areas: mood, safety, and efficiency.
  • There are a number of high-quality smart lighting devices on the market, for example Philips Hue smart bulbs, for our product to integrate with.
  • The physical devices for automating home lighting are easy to set up.
  • Smart lighting can be used in countless situations to simplify daily living.
  • Lighting is a complex entity and provides an ample set of challenges to prove the value of a home automation system.
In the first version of Cozify’s product, we will be offering a service allowing lighting to be controlled by motion or scheduled by time and/or day of the week, to meet the needs of ordinary family life. In addition to practical functions, brightness and color adjustments allow an almost unlimited range of options for users to modify mood at home just the way they want and need.

Implementation of the first version is almost completed and our first pilot release will happen soon. During the pilot period, we will be receiving valuable feedback on how families use Cozify lighting in their homes. This input will be used to improve the product before expanded release later this year. To receive the latest Cozify updates on the pilot and other activities, please subscribe to our Newsletter.


Tony Risikko from the Cozify team focuses on business development

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